Uniform & Merchandise

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of gear / Kit do I get when I join?

For each new registration, players will receive the following:

  • Socks
  • Training Tee
  • Shorts (for wearing to both training and game day)
  • Playing jersey (which is handed out prior to the first official Sunday game)

Do I get new things every year?

Our kit runs on a three year sponsorship cycle.  Players can swap their shorts and training tee’s each season (as long as they return their existing shorts and training tee in good condition).  If you lose your shorts or training tee, you will be required to purchase new items (see below).

Every player does receive a new pair of socks every year.

When do I receive all my kit?

All newly registered players receive their kit prior to the first training session of the season. Details on collection times will be sent out via Team App (make you sure you subscribe!).

Playing jerseys are handed out by your Team Manager the week before the first game.

What happens if something doesn’t fit?

No worries – just bring it back on Kit Collection / Kit Swap days (which are advertised on Team App) and we can change the size for you.  However, please note that items that need to be swapped must be in good condition and clean.

What is my training kit?

  • Red training tee
  • Navy Easts Junior Beasties shorts
  • Navy & white socks
  • Rugby boots (no metal studs to be worn on Oval 1)
  • See the images below for a photo!

What is my playing kit?

  • Navy, red & white Easts Junior Beastiesrugby jersey (supplied before game 1)
  • Navy Easts Junior Beasties shorts (the same ones you wear to training)
  • Navy & white socks (the same as what you wear to training)
  • Rugby boots (no metal studs to be worn on Oval 1).

Can I wear any pair of navy shorts?

Unfortunately not. Our shorts are branded Easts Junior Beasties and also have our sponsor logos on them.

Do I have to wear my kit to training?

Yes, you absolutely must wear your training kit to training.  It is part of playing for our Club that you are expected to wear full training kit at each training session and full match day kit at each match.

Part of our agreements with our very generous sponsors includes players complying with this policy.

What happens if I turn up on Game Day without my playing jersey?

You must be wearing an Easts Junior Beasties playing jersey to play on game day.  

What happens if I lose part of my kit?

No problems at all! You are able to purchase any items that you lose via the Store section on Team App.

Does Easts Junior Beasties do anything with old boots that don’t fit anymore?

Yes we do! Every year we run a "Boot Drive" for old boots that don’t fit.  These boots are then donated to communities in need.  In 2020 and 2021, boots were donated to remote Indigenous communities, and some were sent to Tonga.  

What happens to old kit at the end of the 3 year sponsorship cycle?

ALL kit (training tees, shorts, playing jerseys) are collected back by the Club (except socks!), and it is donated to communities in need.  

We have some charities we donate to on a regular basis (communities in Tonga and remote Australian communities).  We also donated numerous full sets of kit and boots to fire ravaged communities on the South Coast of NSW after the fires in2020.

Do you sell any merchandise?

Yes we do! We sell hoodies, beanies, caps, t-shirts and long warm coats for standing on the side lines. All items are very popular.

Do you ever need anyone to help out with Kit?

Yes please!  If anyone is interested in helping out, please get in touch with our Kit Coordinator!

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